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Belvidere School

Welcome to Belvidere

I am deeply proud and honoured to serve as the Headteacher of Belvidere School and extend a warm welcome to our website. I want to take this opportunity to acknowledge the dedicated team of staff and students who truly embody the essence of education: to empower, uplift, and positively transform lives, both our own and each other's.

At Belvidere School, we recognise the immense potential within the community we serve, with our students standing at the heart of our mission. Therefore, we are committed to relentlessly working to pave the way for a journey of growth and achievement, ensuring that every child receives the opportunity to fulfil their potential. We achieve this by fostering a nurturing yet disciplined environment where well-being and safety support our students to thrive.

Our core Belvidere values of Belong, Believe, and Succeed lie at the heart of cultivating a sense of pride, nurturing self-belief, and igniting a passion for success in every individual within our community.

Our website is brimming with valuable information, and I urge you to delve deeper into its resources. If you're contemplating Belvidere School for your child, don't hesitate to get in touch. I can assure you that Belvidere is committed to fostering holistic development for our pupils, alongside academic success.

Mr Robin Rashid  - Headteacher


At Belvidere we want to keep our students and community as

safe as possible whilst in and out of school.

We have a system to report issues anonymously.


If you would like to report a safeguarding issue:

Text BLV1 and your message to 07984703558

Email safeguardingblv@belvidere.shropshire.sch.uk

Report Belvidere Anonymous Reporting Form